Skip Trailer

Skips and Skip Trailers are the ideal solution for any bulky waste or material that needs to be collected, transported or removed. One of the unique aspects of this skip is that it can be completely inverted so nothing gets left behind in the skip during unloading.

Skip Trailer Applications

Skips can be used for any application requiring material to be transported, dropped-off, filled, removed and emptied, for example:

  • Rubble and construction material
  • Waste, garden refuse, compost and manure
  • Factory waste
  • Recycling programs

Skip Trailer Features

  • Heavy duty construction of skips and trailer. Fully galvanized frame with 3mm skips including reinforced corners and top frame
  • Skip Volume: 1.5m3 with extensions 2.3m3
  • Designed for single-operator use with emphasis on efficiency and safety
  • Easy unloading / loading of skips on uneven ground.
  • Skip can be fully inverted for quick-tipping and complete emptying
  • 12V winch capable of lowering, lifting and tipping 2.5 ton skip
  • 5 ton Rubberide suspension axle and 2.7 ton coupler with 16” drum braked commercial wheels with 1.5 ton load capacity per wheel.

Skip Trailer Specifications

  • Gross Vehicle Mass: 2,500 kg (GVM)
  • Up to 1.6 tons load capacity
  • Tare Weight of 640 kg (TW)
  • Trailer dimensions: 3.65m long X 2.4m wide