Augers and Auger Parts

Our Augers come with standard or Tungsten Carbide wear parts and are compatible with Auger Torque wear parts. We offer a wide range of auger bit diameters to match the size of the holes you are drilling.

The Tungsten Carbide wear parts are particularly suited for high abrasive applications such as soil with high quartz content.


  • drilling holes in the earth for footings, fence posts, sign posts, telephone or electricity poles
  • used in construction, landscaping, forestry and agriculture


  • 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300mm Auger Bits
  • Fitted with heavy duty cutting flites
  • Choose from Standard and Tungsten Carbide wear parts
  • 850 mm extensions available
  • All wear parts available in South Africa


  • Digging depth: 800mm
  • Bit extensions: 850mm


  • Our Auger Bits fit standard hand held augers and petrol motor powered augers.
  • Our Auger Bit Wear Parts are compatible with those of Auger Torque.
  • Our Auger Bits fit onto Ground Hog Auger Drive Shafts.


Augers in different sizes
Auger Pilot bit and teeth
Auger parts
Tooth with tungsten carbide wear tip
Auger Pilot Bit
Auger Parts