Floor Grinder FG-250SE

Floor Grinders use horizontally rotating discs to grind, polish and restore various different surfaces. They perform a multitude of tasks including light texturing to open the pores of the surface to removal of adhesives and paints. Because floor grinders use rotary action rather than pummeling impact to remove material, the depth of material removed is much less than when using a scarifier.

Floor Grinder Applications

The floor grinder FG-250 is best suited for small to medium size jobs requiring a 250mm grinding diameter such as:

  • Grinding concrete and repairing damaged concrete slabs
  • Removing surface covering and smoothing rough surfaces
  • Leveling uneven surfaces


The floor grinder FG-250SE is constructed for demanding work environments and made out of heavy structure with ergonomic layout and components resulting in better productivity and less operator fatigue. Features include:

  • The self-levelling swivel head and proprietary coupler ensure perfect alignment between the grinding disk and the surface, extending the life of the grinding disk
  • Exhaust port for dust extraction
  • Adjustable handle for different heights
  • Floating skirt for efficient dust containment
  • Control switch is situated within easy reach of the operator
  • Deadman cut-off switch prevents unattended operation
  • Level adjustment
  • Robust design
  • Spare parts available locally


  • Weight: ±43 kg
  • Grinding disk diameter: 250mm (10″) Diamond blocked
  • Disk RPM: 1400 RPM
  • Minimum working distance from wall: 30mm
  • Motor: 2.2kW 220V single phase 50 Hz, 14 Amp